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Erik Deutsch and Andy Thorn met in Colorado in 2016, when Erik showed up for his first Leftover Salmon gig at the Stanley Hotel. It didn’t take long for these two like-minded musicians to click. Over the next four years, Leftover Salmon’s stage-left belonged to piano and banjo, as the two developed an undeniable musical chemistry. An original collaboration became inevitable.


In 2019, Erik relocated to Mexico City, where he created a home recording studio with his wife, the singer-songwriter Victoria Reed. Last January, as Erik was finalizing his move from Leftover Salmon to The Chicks (formerly known as the Dixie Chicks), Andy and his wife made the pilgrimage to Mexico City to visit. Between eating tacos (and crickets!) and exploring Mexico City’s hidden gems, Andy and Erik recorded their debut EP in Erik’s living room. It's full of lush acoustic landscapes and classical-inflected forays, with some dreamy vocals by Victoria Reed. Their original songs dance in the cracks between bluegrass, jazz, and folk, while showcasing the musical connection and language that these two accomplished players have honed on stage over the years. 

Deutsch & Thorn 12" Vinyl Record

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