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Andy Thorn has been touring with the legendary jam band Leftover Salmon for over a decade. But between rowdy nights on the road as a banjo player, he’s also a songwriter, record producer, guitar player, dad, and avid fox enthusiast. 


In 2018, he released his first solo album in years. “Frontiers Like These” is made up of original instrumentals and vocal tunes featuring Thorn’s longtime pickin’ buddies from his North Carolina days, including Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange, Jon Stickley, and Bobby Britt of Town Mountain. 


In early 2020, Thorn traveled to Mexico City to collaborate with pianist Erik Deutsch. The duo recorded an album, “Tangled Sea.”


When the pandemic hit, Thorn found himself (like many people) suddenly unemployed. But secretly, he was enjoying the break from touring. (He’d been playing hundreds of shows per year for almost 20 years.) Suddenly stuck at home, he and his wife made friends with a fox. And they wrote songs. And wrote more songs.


So Thorn created a home studio, and recorded “Fox Songs and Other Tales From the Pandemic.” He played all the instruments, and learned how to engineer an album. Cecelia, who was pregnant and working as a freelance writer, learned how to sing harmony (although she may have already forgotten). 


So the album isn’t so much about the sorrows of the pandemic as it is the antidote. The world slowed down, but life didn’t. “Fox Songs” is a story about what can happen — and what comes to life —when you pause.